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Best 120mm AIO CPU Coolers

If you’re looking for the best 120mm AIO CPU coolers, but you don’t know how to go about it, I can help.

Cherry-picked from the best 120mm AIO CPU Coolers were tested and compared, here are six AIO CPU coolers that are worth more than a second look if you’re looking for the quietest, most powerful cooling setup for you CPU.

The best 120mm AIO CPU coolers do a fantastic job of delivering good cooling for all types of PC builds. These are the best CPU coolers for gaming and best overall.

120mm AIO CPU coolers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many system builders. That’s great news as these coolers are ideal for most modern high-powered processors. While they do have a greater cost of entry than some other CPU coolers, AIO units like the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 illustrate just how powerful and effective an all-in-one solution can be.  The best 120mm AIO CPU coolers aren’t always the most expensive, but they always offer fantastic cooling performance and look great while doing so.

After great success with a 120mm radiator, the possibility of using another 120mm radiator started to sound interesting. I know that air cooling is an outdated technology compared to the new age liquid cooling kits that are on the market. But I still wanted to see how good air cooling can be in 2017, so here’s my top 5 120mm AIO CPU coolers review.

Are you looking for a cheap air cooler? In this guide, we’ll be covering the best AIO CPU coolers on the market today. These coolers are all 120mm in size and will fit into all modern cases. Let’s get started!

AIO CPU coolers have definitely changed over the years. A few years ago there was a big division between the AIOs and CLCs. In some cases, they were pretty different. This difference really only came down to those that had a large radiator vs. those that didn’t have one. The radiator has turned into something that is on nearly all of them now though. Cooler Master has a lineup that includes AIO and CLCs too though, so it becomes interesting when trying to decide which one is better for our systems.

In a Hurry? At a Glance:-

Best Pick
Asus ROG RYUO 120mm RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler
Asus ROG RYUO 120mm RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler
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Our Pick
Corsair Hydro Series H60 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler
Corsair Hydro Series H60 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler
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Silent Pick
NZXT Kraken M22 120mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
NZXT Kraken M22 120mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
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Budget Pick
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L RGB CPU Liquid Cooler
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List of Best 120mm AIO CPU Coolers

  1. Asus ROG RYUO 120mm RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler – Best 120mm AIO CPU Coolers
  2. Corsair Hydro Series H60 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler – Recommended 120mm AIO CPU Coolers
  3. NZXT Kraken M22 120mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler – Best Silent 120mm AIO CPU Coolers
  4. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L RGB CPU Liquid Cooler – Best Budget 120mm AIO CPU Coolers

Asus ROG RYUO 120mm RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler – Best 120mm AIO CPU Coolers

Best Pick
Asus ROG RYUO 120mm RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler - Best 120mm AIO CPU Coolers
9/10 Our Score

The Asus ROG RYUO 120mm RGB AIO Liquid CPU Cooler combines a sexy design with exceptional thermal performance. The 120mm RGB fan features ROGs new proprietary wing-blade technology – delivering up to 20% more airflow without increasing noise, and it is PWM-controlled so that its RPMs can be adjusted for minimal noise output or maximum cooling power. The ROG logo has also been lighted for a vivid look. Together, the RGB LED and cool white LEDs create an amazing lighting effect.

The Asus ROG RyuO 120mm RGB AIO liquid CPU cooler has asymmetric blade-shaped heat pipes that are connected to a copper base and built with a dual-chamber pump. The module’s PCB comes with an Asus Aura Sync that can apply lighting effects to the rear I/O panel and video output. It also features smart X and Y RGB LED strips for end-users to synchronize it with compatible motherboards, cases, graphics cards, and peripherals.

ASUS has launched an RGB CPU cooler ROG Ryuo 120 mm. In addition, the model is equipped with a unique pump with a transparent chamber. A tube runs from the pump to the radiator. This solution allows you to watch the movement of coolant through your case.

The ROG RyuO 120mm RGB AIO liquid CPU cooler has been developed in cooperation with Bitspower, a leading water cooling manufacturer. This cooling solution is pre-filled with coolant and delivers the performance of an active liquid cooling setup while providing convenience and ease of maintenance. The pump uses 0dB technology to operate silently at low loads and stops completely at idle for quieter operation. The hoses are sleeved and fitted with premium-grade rubber rings to ensure durability. Asus Aura Sync, Asus’s lighting control software, provides dynamic lighting effects across all compatible components on the motherboard based on color or style.

The ASUS ROG Ryuo 120mm RGB liquid CPU cooler is designed for smaller form factor builds, featuring a slim 120mm radiator, two preinstalled ML120 RGB LED fans, and acrylic multi-channel LED header for lighting effects, and an illuminated pump cap.
The Asus ROG Ryuo 120mm RGB Liquid Cooler is a high-performance, full-cover water block made for ASUS motherboards. It can cool off your CPU with its 120mm radiator and integrated fan, but also comes with four Addressable RGB LED strips (2 x 30cm RGB danglers) that sync with onboard RGB lighting or other devices via Aura Sync.

The ROG Ryuo is a 120mm AIO liquid cooler with an in-line pump and patented Crossmill type channel. The ROG Ryuio features a custom PWM fan specifically developed by ASUS, with sharp curves and angles that help deliver better close contact performance to the copper heat pipes. The fan mount is customized to ensure near-silent operation combined with minimal vibration sustain by rubberized fan mounts.

Corsair Hydro Series H60 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler – Recommended 120mm AIO CPU Coolers

Our Pick
Corsair Hydro Series H60 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler - Recommended 120mm AIO CPU Coolers
8.5/10 Our Score

With the Hydro Series H60 AIO, Corsair brings all-in-one liquid CPU cooling to the mainstream. The 120mm radiator has a thickness of 25mm along with standard G1/4″ threads, so it fits virtually any case on the market and features a three-pronged spring-loaded fan mount that will fit any modern dual ball bearing or silent fan of your choice.

Designed for smaller cases with limited space, the Corsair Hydro Series H60 offers a perfect balance of high-performance and compact dimensions. At just 22mm thick, this all-in-one liquid CPU cooler will provide unobtrusive cooling for your processor using a 120mm radiator and fan in a stealthily quiet package.

Whether you’re building a gaming rig or upgrading your current one, you want an efficient and reliable CPU cooler that will keep your new powerhouse running cool. One that matches the look and feel of your other hardware. Enter Corsair’s Hydro Series H60. Featuring a 120mm radiator built to handle large amounts of airflow, a single SP120L PWM fan for excellent air delivery and low noise levels, and easy installation with the use of Corsair Link software.

The Corsair Hydro Series H60 water cooler is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler that provides effective and efficient cooling for your entire PC system. It consists of a single 120mm radiator and CPU block with a micro-fin copper base, paired with standard G1/4 fittings. It comes pre-filled with distilled water, pre-installed fans, and included fan and radiator brackets—all you need to get started is a mounting kit for your motherboard.

The Hydro Series H60 comes equipped with a single 120mm fan. The fan is attached to the radiator using a thin, silicone rubber, vibration-dampening gasket. This makes it easy to install in virtually all mounting configurations and reduces vibration noise. A two-channel internal micro-fin copper cold plate design that helps to maximize heat transfer from the CPU and bring it into contact with coolant for rapid cooling. This is as simple as it looks on paper but Corsair has managed to make a very quiet and efficient cooling solution for both desktop and SFF systems.

The Hydro Series H60 is an all-in-one, closed-loop liquid CPU cooler with a 120mm fan for cooling processor chips. Compact and built using corrugated aluminum tubing, this heat exchanger serves as the radiator and is designed to be used in small form factor computer chassis where airflow may not be optimal. Two 120mm fan mounts are included, with one being a low noise, low vibration SP120L fan that operates from 500-2,400 RPM providing better airflow while remaining quiet operation. High performance thermally engineered vapor chamber is equipped with laser-cut forged aluminum fins that are placed within it.

The Hydro Series H60 is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler for case cooling that has been engineered for low noise performance and compatibility with a 120mm radiator.

NZXT Kraken M22 120mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler – Best Silent 120mm AIO CPU Coolers

Silent Pick
NZXT Kraken M22 120mm AIO RGB CPU Liquid Cooler - Best Silent 120mm AIO CPU Coolers
8/10 Our Score

Take your system’s cooling and lighting to the next level with the Kraken M22 120mm AIO CPU liquid cooler. Paired with NZXT’s CAM software, monitor your CPU temperatures and tweak settings to keep your computer running at maximum performance.
The NZXT Kraken M22 AIO liquid cooler has an improved pump design along with a stronger nickel-plated copper cold plate. The included RGB LED strip adds great looks to this already strong performing liquid cooler.

The Kraken Series M22 CPU Liquid Cooler brings a refreshed new look from NZXT, with a rugged fan shroud and pump design. It is constructed with a powerful liquid cooling system that outperforms traditional air coolers. The sealed liquid cooling system ensures years of maintenance-free use. This unit comes with a pre-installed 120mm radiator, 2 x 120mm Kraken Series PWM controlled fans for push-pull setup, mounting brackets, and all necessary accessories to get started right away.

The Kraken series has been the undisputed leader of AIO cooling. The new M22 combines the best features from previous designs, with a beautiful new 120 mm 12 V RGB LED pump head. The black anodized tube, dark slim radiator, and monolithic digital temperature control give your build an understated look that is sure to match any chassis. With both 3/4″ and 11/16″ fittings on the radiator, it will be compatible with a wide variety of performance air cooling accessories.

Great video cards and fast CPUs are great, but if you must use them to crunch numbers, they will run so hot you’ll wish you’d invested in a quality cooling system. The Kraken M22 radiator keeps your CPU cool, and its blue and white LEDs illuminate your case with dazzling light. This liquid cooler is compatible with most ATX builds and features a high flow 120mm fan to keep things moving. It also comes pre-installed with an LED pump cover, so no matter what color scheme you’ve got going on, it’s sure to fit right in.

This 120mm closed-loop, self-contained CPU liquid cooler is designed to offer the best cooling performance for all levels of computers, yet it offers a bold new look that stands up to the competition. Its performance is guaranteed by NZXT’s 5-year warranty.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L RGB CPU Liquid Cooler – Best Budget 120mm AIO CPU Coolers

Budget Pick
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L RGB CPU Liquid Cooler - Best Budget 120mm AIO CPU Coolers
13.4/10 Our Score

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L 120mm RGB CPU Liquid Cooler is a High-performance All-in-one liquid CPU cooler with 120mm PWM Fan and RGB lighting. The patented circular memory copper cold plate makes it great for overclocking while the Variable SYNC Fan allows users to set up fan profiles based on different usage scenarios.

Synchronize your cooling with the speed of light. The MasterLiquid ML120L RGB CPU Liquid Cooler features vivid RGB LED lights capable of displaying millions of colors and 16.8 million distinct hues. Each LED is digitally controlled via onboard 5050 RGB headers and the included Shine Software, allowing sensational real-time lighting effects to enhance your build.

The MasterLiquid ML120L RGB is a 120mm all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with a thickness of 30mm. This radiator is packed with features such as RGB lighting and the brand new XtraFlo fan that pushes up to 104.5 CFM of air through the radiator (70mm x 70mm x 30mm)

Expand your cooling options and color choices with the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120L RGB liquid CPU cooler. Featuring dual 120mm radiators, this cooler looks great in any build and stands apart with its PWM control and an all-in-one design. Its patented CDC fin design works well with the sealed pump cartridge to help get the heat away from your CPU for safe, quiet operation. This incredible cooler also features a raindrop-styled water block that shines with LEDs to create lighting effects. Upgrade today for outstanding cooling performance!

The MasterLiquid ML120L is a versatile liquid CPU cooler with customizable RGB lighting, dual 120mm PWM fans with tool-free fan brackets, and a curved 120mm x 25mm radiator that provides maximum performance.

The MasterLiquid ML120L liquid CPU cooler is not only compact and powerful but is also packed with illumination. You can choose between three LED colors (white, red, and blue) and adjust the brightness to your exact specifications using the patented fan controller. This all-inclusive solution comes with a PWM splitter cable that allows you to control two fans through one motherboard connector, a fan RPM detector that mounts onto most motherboards, a Cooler Master FlowPro liquid tube, and an additional set of thermal pads for you to overclock your system on extreme levels.

The MasterLiquid ML120L RGB Cooler is a performance-class CPU cooler featuring addressable RGB LEDs. Its Black / White POM top cover and Black POM fan frame give it a uniquely modern look and feel, and its high-performance liquid cooling system provides the performance you need to battle even the heat generated by overclocked CPUs.


Best 120mm AIO CPU Coolers

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