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Best Mini-ITX Gaming PC Cases

Here we will see the Best Mini-ITX Gaming PC Cases, these are well-proven cases from all over the world. If you are a computer enthusiast and love to build computers, then the best ITX cases is a must-have for every system builder. Building a custom PC always requires the best ITX case if you want your system to look good and still fit your budget.

If you don’t like the excessive bulk of a desktop and the additional space it takes, then going for a mini-ITX build is an option. While it’s not quite a computer, you’ll be able to play the latest games on it without any issues. The best mini-ITX gaming PC cases have been selected after testing around 20 models.

Gaming PC cases are designed to be small yet they have to house all the hardware. It’s a big task that can leave no room for error, but thankfully there are some great computer cases on the market. This article takes you through some of the best mini-ITX cases available today.

Mini-ITX gaming computer cases can be harder to find than their bigger Micro-ATX and ATX counterparts. They are also harder to build as they tend to be much more limited in space and options for components. That being the case, it is important to do some research and pick a good one with plenty of room for you favorite components. This detailed review of the best Mini-ITX cases will give you the run down on what is out there right now.

We’re often asked what the best small form factor gaming cases are, so we’ve put together our list of the best cases to use for building a Mini-ITX gaming PC.

If you’re using a Mini-ITX board or customizing one for the purpose of building a small gaming PC then this list below will help you as we have included some of the best Mini-ITX cases that we have reviewed and tested.

Are you looking for a Mini-ITX gaming case? It’s really hard to know which one is the best, because of the sheer volume of cases available online. There are literally thousands of different cases, so you cannot know them all.

In a Hurry? At a Glance:-

Best Pick
Lian Li Tu 150-WA Mini-ITX PC Case
Lian Li Tu 150-WA Mini-ITX PC Case
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Our Pick
NZXT H210 Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case
NZXT H210 Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case
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Best design
SilverStone Technology Raven Z Mini-ITX PC Case
SilverStone Technology Raven Z Mini-ITX PC Case
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Budget Pick
Cooler Master NR200 Mini-ITX Case
Cooler Master NR200 Mini-ITX Case
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List of Best Mini-ITX Gaming PC Cases

  1. Lian Li Tu 150-WA Mini-ITX PC Case – Best Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case
  2. NZXT H210 Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case – Recommended Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case
  3. SilverStone Technology Raven Z Mini-ITX PC Case – Best Design Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case
  4. Cooler Master NR200 Mini-ITX Case – Best Budget Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case

Lian Li Tu 150-WA Mini-ITX PC Case – Best Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case

Best Pick
Lian Li Tu 150-WA Mini-ITX PC Case - Best Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case
9.5/10 Our Score

The Lian Li Tu 150-WA is a perfect solution for your SFF build needs. The case offers support for a single 2.5″ drive, and an extended ATX PSU supports up to 200mm in length.

At only 13 liters, the Lian Li TU-150-WA is a solid, minimalistic Mini ITX tower that is also one of the smallest 150mm wide PC cases on the market. Fully compatible with Compact ATX power supplies as well, it can accommodate a variety of components and cooling solutions such as air coolers. The Lian Li TU-150-WA has an interesting compartmentalized layout under the top cover which allows for easy cable management.

The Lian Li TU Series represents the highest level of mini-ITX chassis design and manufacturing from Lian Li. The all-new TU-150-WA is a prototype in a new stage of development, setting a higher standard. It employs one A/C adapter for both power supply units to reduce heat emission inside the case and has two USB 2.0 ports in front along with microphone and headphone jacks for easy access. The exterior is subject to change without prior notice for further improvements.

The Lian Li Tu 150 is the first case in the world to be built for the exclusive requirements of Mini-ITX and Micro ATX motherboard. It is a small form factor case that was designed to be compatible with standard Mini-ITX motherboards but also able to house Micro ATX. The Tucan support most mATX boards with their size at just 4.72″ x 12.20″ x 11.15″. This case was meticulously engineered for optimal airflow without the need for additional fans and has great hardware potential: removable front panel, removable top cover, multi-position mounting options, etc.

The Lian Li Tu-150 is a casement-type case designed to house and protect the Mini-ITX system. Made from steel, this tool-less case has a large tempered glass window allowing you to showcase your high-performance hardware. The case comes with a 120mm fan pre-installed in the front as well as additional room for an 80mm fan. The 4 hard drive bays and 2 x 3.5″ bays allow you to house all the drives that you will need for your power system without any hassle and the innovative rounded design of the case makes cable management easier than ever. In addition,

The all-new Lian Li Tu chassis is an exciting mini-ITX design. The elegant chassis has a concave shape that follows the minimalist lines of the traditional Lian Li LANCOOL ONE tower, yet has no optical drive bays and can be equipped with a variety of SFX power supplies.

The new Lian Li Tu series of SFF (Small Form Factor) chassis is the newest addition to Lian Li’s extensive line-up of products. These compact cases offer both the quality and the features found throughout the rest of their product lines. Unlike other Mini-ITX cases on the market, these chassis have been designed for optimum airflow and cooled by a quiet 120mm fan. The hard drive bay is located on top of the system, isolated for decreased noise levels. An 80mm side-mounted fan is fitted as standard to cool additional components.

NZXT H210 Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case – Recommended Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case

Our Pick
NZXT H210 Mini-ITX PC Gaming Case - Recommended Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case
9/10 Our Score

The H210 is a mini ITX gaming case that starts with all the functionality of other full-sized NZXT cases but is scaled down to a compact form factor. It has room for mini ITX motherboards, SFX power supplies, high-end GPUs up to 290mm long, and much more.

Built to be small, portable, and powerful, the NZXT H210 Case is made for mini-ITX systems. Sporting a compact cube design, NZXT offers easy portability while maintaining superior airflow with nine total fan mount locations in the case. The H210 Case can fit any liquid cooling system, making it perfect for all you liquid cooling enthusiasts out there.

The H210 is a small form-factor chassis that can still fit full-sized components. With solid steel construction, this Mini-ITX is built to last. It comes with the NZXT S340 Elite mid-tower case in its chassis, with 220mm of room for customization.

The H210 is a Mini-ITX gaming case designed for gamers and enthusiasts who don’t want to build their own system. It is loaded with great features such as durable steel construction, cable management optimized for liquid cooling, excellent airflow, a built-in PSU shroud for an awesome look, and much more.

A compact chassis that has big features with an exterior design that makes it the perfect housing for your gaming build. The H210 Mini-ITX Case comes with 2 120mm FN V2 fans in the front and 1 120mm FN V2 fan in the rear, making it a great solution for both quiet cooling and performance.

The H210 Mini-ITX Gaming Case is designed to house a mini-ITX motherboard that provides maximum performance for your high-end components while maintaining a small footprint. The spacious interior provides ample room to support liquid cooling systems and multiple storage devices including up to two hard drives, an SSD, and a 2.5″ hard drive or SSD. The included LED interior lighting will illuminate your system in style with the LED lighting strips built into the case.

The H210 Mini-ITX PC case is sleek, compact, and ready for your custom build. It accommodates tall CPU coolers and a variety of video cards. The black or white design elements add an understated elegance to your digital domain.

SilverStone Technology Raven Z Mini-ITX PC Case – Best Design Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case

Best design
SilverStone Technology Raven Z Mini-ITX PC Case - Best Design Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case
8.5/10 Our Score

The SilverStone Technology Raven Z Mini-ITX Case is a new PC case with an ITX motherboard design. It has tempered glass on the front panel and allows advanced liquid cooling including a 240mm radiator.

The SilverStone Raven Z mini-ITX case comes in two versions: the windowless Standard version and the Raven Z Window Panel equipped variant. It offers users both vertical and horizontal orientation possibilities for the mainboard, CPU, and optional dual expansion slot VGA card. The result is a versatile case for all needs.

The Raven Z is the smallest member of SilverStone’s Z line of advanced enthusiast computer cases. With a volume of only 10 liters, this cube-shaped case is capable of housing an ultra-compact form factor (UCFF) motherboard, SFX power supply, and graphics card. It features a fully painted interior, three SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports, and a dedicated 2.5″ SSD drive mounting spot for easy installation of storage drives.

Sleek yet powerful, the Raven Z is a mini-ITX computer chassis designed for professionals and gamers alike. Made with premium materials and available in a wide array of colors, the Raven Z offers a stunning appearance combined with superb cooling performance. When space and silence are just as important as raw power, the Raven Z is the perfect choice

The Raven Z is a premium small form factor PC case geared towards enthusiasts. It offers increased versatility and space for high-end hardware. It can fit a larger motherboard with up to 15mm of clearance behind the CPU area, supporting the latest Intel X299 motherboards in standard orientation and even overclocked ones.

The Raven Z is a compact and capable machine with the ability to support multiple GPUs, liquid cooling, high-performance storage, and a multitude of other hardware components. The Raven Z was designed with the Mini-ITX form factor in mind, thus allowing for the use of higher-end hardware components such as an Intel i7-7700 CPU, Dual Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Series graphics cards, up to 3 solid-state drives, and a high-speed Klevv 256GB NVMe M.2 SSD. With ample cooling provided by included 120mm fans throughout the chassis, it’s safe to say that the Raven Z

The Raven Z RVZ03 is the evolution of the RV series, now supporting a full range of Mini-ITX motherboards. This compact, cube-like, body has a volume of only 10 liters despite supporting a Mini-ITX motherboard and graphics card. The RVZ03 features two 180mm fans at the front, and intelligently placed SSD mount behind the motherboard tray, and numerous cable management features for easy-to-clean builds.

Cooler Master NR200 Mini-ITX Case – Best Budget Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case

Budget Pick
Cooler Master NR200 Mini-ITX Case - Best Budget Mini-ITX Gaming PC Case
8/10 Our Score

The Cooler Master NR200 Mini-ITX Case was designed from the ground up. We have considered every detail and packed in power supply shroud, plenty of air vents, and USB 3.0 ports. With all of these great features, we are proud to announce that it is a true Mini-ITX case.

Specially designed for mini-ITX motherboards, this case is smaller than your average PC case. It features the space you need, made to protect a system with a 120mm fan that delivers superior air cooling and system ventilation. The Cooler Master NR200 Mini-ITX Case comes preinstalled with an 80mm rear fan to vent out hot air immediately, as well as additional ports for upgrades.

Cooler Master NR200 Mini-ITX Case with 3mm Tempered Glass on the Front Panel is designed for use in compact or space-constrained systems. It is a micro tower case exclusively for the Mini-ITX motherboard. The two preinstalled 60mm fans improve thermal performance and reduce the noise level generated by the system. Its sturdy structure enables users to accommodate their high-end graphics card and CPU cooler installation.

The Cooler Master NR200 Mini-ITX Case is a sleek, low-profile case compatible with all Mini-ITX motherboards on the market. This compact computer case supports a Micro ATX or Mini-ITX motherboard for your choice of CPU. The NR200 includes 2x USB 3.0 ports and an 80 PLUS certified power supply to keep your computer running efficiently. With built-in noise reduction material on the front panels, this silent system is perfect for small spaces and heavy gaming.

The Cooler Master NR200 is a Mini-ITX home server case designed to meet your computing and entertainment needs. The NR200 has optimized for internal space to house a multitude of the latest technology solution and feature good ventilation for heat constraints. It’s the best choice if you want a mini-desktop that supports multiple features inside such as installing an SSD RAID0, a high-end video card, and water-cooling. This case is all about upgrading possibilities that jive with your desires for an ultimate theater PC or gaming rig without the need for a full-size ATX case.

The Cooler Master NR200 is a compact, sturdy steel chassis. This Mini-ITX case supports your motherboard, VGA card, and 3.5/2.5 inch HDDs/SSDs. It has vents on the top, front, and side, allowing for efficient airflow to reduce thermal buildup.

Cooler Master’s NR200 is a high-quality SFF chassis that brings you the flexibility to customize your system without sacrificing quality, function, and appeal. This case has a strong steel body with enough space to store all your PSU cables and wire management accessories. The Slim ODD slot will hide your bulkier ODDs such as blu-ray drives or consoles internally without sacrificing room for the rest of your gear. For external components, there are 3x USB ports (1x 2.0 and 2x 3.0), audio in/out jacks, and an eSATA port.

Best Mini ITX Gaming PC Cases

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