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Effects of TV/Monitor/Laptop Screen Radiation on Human Beings

The effects of TV/monitor/laptop screen radiation on human beings during long gaming sessions, and what we can do to lessen it.

How does radiation affect the human body? Some scientists say that the electromagnetic waves emitted by television, monitor, and laptop screens have an adverse impact on the human body. Though, other scientists have refuted these reports by saying that the kind of radiation given off by these devices is different from those of the ionizing radiations which cause genetic changes in cells.

The findings at the turn of the 20th century that X-rays can harm healthy tissues even at very low doses, make their harmful effects undeniable. This was confirmed by experiments conducted by Roentgen on mice and dogs. He also showed that indeed X-ray does damage/harm healthy tissue but the damage is not seen until a few days later.

It is generally accepted that the larger the television, the greater the effect it has on us. The danger is in the proximity of the television to our bodies and to our eyes. This danger increases when we sit directly in front of the screen (TV), and it also worsens if we use a laptop or computer screen.

There are numerous hazards emanating from laptops. Not only do they become hot, but their emissions have been known to cause a host of health issues in people who use them for several hours a day. Aside from the distractions that one faces while utilizing a laptop, there is a substantial amount of radiation that can lead to some serious nerve damage.

The harmful effects of artificial EMF Radiation produced by computers, televisions, and LED lighting have been covered extensively here on Natural News. But have you ever wondered what sort of same effects these devices – which we tend to carry with us everywhere – have on us even when they are not in use?

Everyone is talking about the harmful effects of mobile phone radiations, the question remains how will this affect us in the future? What are the actual effects of Cell Phone Radiation on human beings? How harmful is it to leave our cell phones in pockets or near our bodies for extended periods? But why do we feel cold on holding a cell phone and why doesn’t it feel so warm when lying on a bed and placing an object like a cell phone. Most people don’t ask these questions.

The myth that has been passed on from generations is that microwaves emitted by our computers, laptops, and Smartphones are just harmless radiations. However, increasing evidence demonstrates the hazards of electromagnetic radiation affecting human health.

Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic waves from the screen/display of cell phones, laptops, and TV have adverse effects on human beings. The link between electromagnetic waves and cancer is becoming stronger and studies show that these electromagnetic waves are also not good for bone density. Long-term exposure to these electromagnetic waves can cause insomnia, lack of concentration, depression, headaches, etc. We have listed out the 10 Best Blocking screen protectors which will help you protect yourself against the harmful radiations of the device and have a better sleep at night.

Modern life has brought us many wonderful things that improve our quality of life—the internet, smartphones, airplanes, etc. But there are also some drawbacks to this modern lifestyle: Electromagnetic Waves from TV/Monitor/Laptop Screen.
Electromagnetic waves from TV/Mobile Phone Display/Computer clearly affect the human body. These waves which are also being emitted from chargers of mobiles/laptops also have an impact on the human body.

Electromagnetic Waves

Electromagnetic waves from the TV monitors can cause headaches due to reflected from the screen and other gadgets. It also occurs in electromagnetic waves getting emitted from electronic devices, i.e., laptops and mobile phones, back onto our bodies. Here we will discuss the various effects caused by electromagnetic waves on human beings. As there is no much known about the effect of Human Electromagnetic Waves Interaction, it is important for us to spread this knowledge and help our community live a better life.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from TV/Monitor/Laptop screen is one of the most crucial health issue today. Using our laptop in bed, near our head, especially when it is not well grounded, puts us at a higher risk of developing serious health issues like Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

Some research says that electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation has both positive and negative effects on human health. But do you know how it affects our behavior? The electromagnetic wave from TV/Monitor/Laptop does affect the human body a lot, as the wavelength of this wave is similar to the wavelength of the human brain, which can cause cancer, headache, high blood pressure, stress. So protect yourself.

Today, alarmingly many of us are bombarded with invisible electromagnetic radiation from the TV, computer screen, laptop, or mobile phone screens, posing a serious health threat.

Effects of Radiations

We have known that electromagnetic radiations can induce electric currents within the human body. It is one of the reasons why x-rays are dangerous to human beings. If you have watched TV or used your laptop for a long time, you may perhaps have noticed that you feel a kind of discomfort in your head and eyes. This is because of the effect of electromagnetic waves on human bodies. These waves can cause insomnia, headache, depression, hypertension, hair loss, memory loss, etc.

Radiation from TV, laptop and monitor reaches us and cause changes in human beings. I have was reading the same post at different forums by different people and it is really a matter of concern on one hand and important to take note of it on other hand.

Effects of Radiations

Background. The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Pulsed Signals & an Introduction to Pulsed Ultra-High Frequency Electromagnetic Field Therapy. In addition to the potential of catastrophic effects on humans (malignant cancer induction) from the ionizing radiation given off by all X-ray and Gamma/Cosmic sources, there is evidence that exposure to pulsed electromagnetic fields, at much lower intensity levels (than from high dose radiation), is a primary cause of many of the degenerative diseases afflicting modern man today.

Radiation is the transfer of energy through space or through an intervening medium. Living organisms require a certain amount of radiation so as to continue living. Talking about the effects of television, monitor, and laptop screen radiation on human beings it is obvious that we know that a certain amount of radiation is very harmful and can damage our health.

TV and Monitor Radiation: Most of us believe that a TV is a harmless box into which we can insert the aerial wire and the TV started working. But such is not the case. The TV set as well as our laptop and computer screens are radiating EMFs, and are endangering the health of people.

Radiation Impact on Humans

What is the Radiation impact of TV/Monitor/Laptop Screen on Humans?  The study of the adverse health effects of low-level electromagnetic radiation began in the 1920s, when Alexander G. Gurvich (1888-1960), professor of physiology at Leningrad University, recognized sensitivity to radio and microwave frequencies among radio station technicians, physicists, and students working with radio equipment.  He was able to make a group of 20 volunteer workers immune to this sensitivity by exposing them too weak RF fields for a period of time.

Radiation Impact on Humans

We all know about the effects of TV/Monitor/Laptop Screen Radiation on Humans with the considerable debate around it. Some people believe that there is nothing common between watching TV for long hours and the late development of cancer in individuals. The data and research suggest otherwise as science has found links between long-term microwaves (which also emit from monitors) and the risk of developing different types of cancers.

Every 90 seconds, at least one human being dies from some form of cancer. There are even more people, especially children, who die from cancer brought about by exposure to radiation. It is very important to save our bodies from radioactivity emitted by our electronic gadgets like TVs, monitors, and computers.

There are certain diseases that are caused by harm to human genes by radiation due to excessive use of television, internet, cell phones and laptops. These diseases include eye problems, skin problems and disorders in the heart and stomach. In children this problem is more because their brain is still developing and they spend long hours watching television and using laptop computers.

Every day, we use technology. We check our phones, we check emails, and sometimes, we even watch some old reruns while shoving popcorn into our faces. During all of that, we also look at computer screens. From our computer monitor at work to the TV when we’re watching Game of Thrones after work. There is a lot of radiation coming from these screens.

The electromagnetic radiation emitted by television, monitor, laptop screen, and cell phone is harmful to our health. If this isn’t enough to persuade you to switch to an e-reader, read this article that contains 7 odd ways the electromagnetic radiation from computers is harming your health.

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