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How to Fix Discord Overlay Not Working

Discord overlay looks for games running in the background and displays a message with a controller link. You can also join a server during this overlay, like when you are watching Twitch or other videos, because of this you need to first authorize the app. You can also mute yourself while streaming.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and wanted to see how many viewers were in the chat? Or maybe you just want to check in on your meme server. Discord Overlay is a friendly bot that can help! It shows some basic info about your discord server when you hover over the bottom right of any YouTube video.

If you’re a gamer, then you know how awesome Discord Overlay is. As a gamer, you would like to take your gaming experience to another level and you think that using Discord Overlay can be of help. In fact, hundreds of game lovers use Discord Overlay everyday to take their gaming experience to the next level.

What is Discord Overlay?

Discord Overlay can be defined as an essential tool for your Discord server or any other kind of community that runs the voice and text chat application. If you have a Discord Overlay installed in your server, then you can connect your IM account to it and start communicating with the people who are in the same server as you.

discord overlay

Discord overlay has been used widely among the gamers. This technology is so much known to those who enjoy live streaming games, but for those that don’t know what it is, allow us to enlighten you on what it is and what it does.

Models. Streamers. Developers. Gamers. Creators. And more.  Discord Overlay is perfect for anyone looking to bring more creativity to their streams, or wanting to add an extra element of fun to any gaming experience — it’s for the artists, the streamers, and the gamers. Even if you just want your Discord friends to see that new video or read that funny article you shared, we’ve got you covered.

There isn’t currently a way to do these things on the desktop outside of expensive broadcasting software which is clunky and costly. If you’re looking for the ultimate addition to your channel or a simple way to share images and text with friends, then we can help!

Fix Discord Overlay Not Working – in 3 Steps

Fix Discord Overlay Not Working

Method 1 – Disable Hardware Acceleration

discord hardware acceleration

1. First, open Discord.
2. Next click on the gear icon to open User Settings.
3. In the left side panel Open Appearance Tab as shown in the above image.
4. Then click on the switch button of Hardware Acceleration to turn it OFF.

Now is the time to check whether the Discord overlay is working properly if hardware acceleration is disabled on your Discord, but you are experiencing problems. The next two methods are for you.

Method 2 – Enable Gameplay Overlay in Discord

discord enable game overlay

To enable the overlay feature on Discord, you need to perform the following steps:

1. Open the Discord app.
2. Go to User settings by clicking on the gear-like icon.
3. In the left side panel click on the Overlay tab as shown in the image above.
4. Then turn the Enable In-game Overlay toggle switch to ON as shown in the image above.

Now In-game discord overlay should be visible. If not, then try method 3:

Method 3 – Exclude Discord From Antivirus Scanning

How to Exclude Discord from third-party antivirus software:
1. Open the Antivirus application such as Kaspersky, Avast, McAfee, etc.
2. Go to Virus & Threat Protection settings.
3. Next click on Add exclusions.
4. Now, Add discord and save the settings
5. Now restart your PC.

Discord should work as normal now. If not check the other two methods above

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