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How to Install Discord on PS5 (Playstation 5) for Chat

Discord is rapidly gaining popularity. But only a few are aware of the fact that, due to its popularity, it can sometimes get difficult to find out how to install Discord on PS5. Well, that’s not the case anymore! In this guide, you’ll learn numerous ways in which you can install Discord on PlayStation 5.

Discord is a popular community chat service that allows you to connect and talk to other players from around the world. While PS5 does have Party Chat, which allows you to talk locally with up to 8 players, Discord can be used for chatting with groups of up to ten (if your internet connection can handle it!).

So I recently upgraded to a PS5 and as expected the Internet Browser is incredibly limited when it comes to plugins. I’m sure in a couple of years they will have plugins for Discord, but until then, hers’s how to connect discord on PS5.

How to Install Discord on PS5

Discord is a hugely popular program that serves the same purpose as party chat. Unfortunately, there isn’t a Discord application to download on PS5 like there was for Sony’s last console. You will have to register via your browser, before installing it in your web browser of choice – then link it up with your PSN ID.

There are two ways of installing Discord on PS5 –

    1. Through your browser or the PlayStation Store – the browser version is great if you have a separate computer sat beside you, and works in a similar way to WhatsApp Web, allowing you to use most of the Discord’s features without having to upload the app to your PlayStation 5.
    2. Connecting it by USB to a PC –  By connecting an amp to the PS5 and PC

Method 1 – Through the Browser (Recommended)

Connect Discord on PS5 through the Browser (Recommended)

Step 1

PS5 Controller

– Click on the PlayStation button on the PS5 controller.

Step 2

Game Base on PS5

– Go to Game Base.
– Then click on the Options icon in the bottom right corner.
– Click Go To Game Base as shown in the image above.

Step 3

ps5 party chat e1624125789165

– Go to a party with anyone friend and click open the chatbox.
– Next, In the Type a Message Dialog box type in www.google.com

Step 4

open discord on PS5

– google.com opens on the server, Next in the Search bar type Discord and click the search icon or press enter.
– Click on the first search result to open discord as shown in the image above.

Since downloads are not supported on PS5, Open discord on the browser

Step 5

connect discord on ps5

– Since downloads are not supported on PS5, Open discord on the browser.
login to discord

On the left, you can see all the servers to which you belong. Anyone can use the direct message function. There are the following options in the upper right corner:
– Start a voicemail.
– Pin someone.
– Start a video.

Method 2 – Through PC with a USB Cable and amp

Here, you need a headset with a USB port via an optical cable to make audio switching easier.

Step 1

  • Connect the PS5 and the amp with the cable. 
  • On the PS5, Go to Settings.
  • Next, click on Sound and Screen.
  • Then, Go to Audio Output settings.

Step 2

Till now what you have done is the Primary Output. Then replace it with a digital optical connector. Make sure your station is in PC mode throughout the process.

  • Connect the USB to the PC and to the base of the PS5.
  • On the amp, go to the voice settings and switch the input device to the amp.
  • Run an audio jack from the speaker of your PC to the amp.
  • Go to Discord.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Switch the output device to now being the PC speakers.

Now Discord works on the PS5 through is a DIY hack!


Credit:- VVaby on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8YEeCojoRE)

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